“Three things matter in a speech: who says it, how he says it, and what he says – and of the three, the last matters least.” – John Morley, Politician



Despite its name, media training is not actually for the media. It’s for you—or any of your company’s spokespeople who may need to communicate with the media, like your CEO, directors, business heads, or PR staff.

It’s an invaluable experience that will arm your team with the essentials they need to comfortably and effectively engage with the media, whether you’re launching new products, announcing company news, or dealing with a crisis.  Journalists are constantly on the look out for interesting and engaging spokespersons to help develop their own report for their viewers and listeners. So why not make yourself available for commentary, believe us it can be one of the most powerful ways to gain awareness of your brand, product or service. 

Woking with our team of journalists and camera operators we can teach you how to use your words, tone, and body language to deliver your message in a powerful way. Together we can define your key messages as its’ essential  you know exactly what you want to convey when you are being interviewed by the media. Sometimes journalists can ask you questions that are difficult to answer or put you on the spot. Our training can prepare you for challenging questions, so you’re ready for any unexpected twists or turns in the interview.  It’ s important that you are in control at all times in the interview , we can help you achieve  through learning the specific skills of clear, concise and effective communication.

We work with on an individual or team bases and can tailor our workshop to suit your needs.